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                                  ALPHA-ETCH 37®                         ALPHA-BOND® SE
                                  37% PHOSPHORIC ACID ETCHANT            SELF ETCH ADHESIVE

                                  A 37% phosphoric acid etchant designed for use on both  Alpha-Bond® SE is a 7  generation self-etch
                                  dentin and enamel.  The ideal viscosity of the gel formula  adhesive formulated to bond to multiple
                                  stays where placed and will not flow onto exposed  substrates for both direct and indirect bonding
                                  surrounding tissue.  All formulas rinse away clean with-  procedures.  It’s a universal adhesive that has the
                                  out leaving any residue.  Available in blue and green colors.  bond strength and durability of a total-etch
                                                                        adhesive while eliminating the etching step.
                                                                         TECHNICAL DATA
                                                                         Bond Strength to Dentin  37 MPa

                                                                          REF Code      Product
                                                                         211.0401.002     Alpha-Bond  SE 5ml

                                   REF Code      Product                 ACETONE BASED BONDING ADHESIVE
                                   501.0005.002    Alpha-Etch37  Blue Kit (4x4g . 20 Tips)
                                   501.0006.002    Alpha-Etch37  Green Kit (4x4g . 20 Tips)
                                   501.1213.002    Alpha-Etch37  Blue Kit (4x1.2ml)  th
                                   501.1211.002    Alpha-Etch37  Jumbo Kit Blue  Alpha-Bond® is a 5  generation single component acetone based
                                        Kit Contains: 2 x 25ml syringes . 4 empty refill 4g syringes.  adhesive with a dual cure activator (purchase separately) formulated
                                                             50 tips . 1 connector
                                                                        to bond to multiple substrates for both direct and indirect bonding
                                                                        procedures.  It contains the hydrophilic monomer PMGDM that
                                   REF Code      Product                allows penetration into the tubules, intertubules and peritubuler dentin.
                                   501.0103.002   12g Blue Etchant Gel Syringe . 20 Applicator Tips  For a single step light cure adhesive, use the bottle marked adhesive.
                                   501.0105.002   4g Blue Etchant Gel Syringe . 5 Applicator Tips  By combining the dual cure activator with the adhesive, you can
                                   501.0108.002   15cc Blue Etchant Gel Bottle  confidently bond to self cure composites and areas inaccessible to light.
                                   501.0203.002   12g Green Etchant Gel Syringe . 20 Applicator Tips
                                   501.0205.002   4g Green Etchant Gel Syringe . 5 Applicator Tips
                                   503.0102.001   15cc Blue Etchant Liquid Bottle  TECHNICAL DATA
                                   503.0103.001   7ml Blue Etchant Liquid Bottle
                                   503.0202.001   15cc Green Etchant Liquid Bottle  Bond Strength to Dentin  25 MPa
                                   503.0203.001   7ml Green Etchant Liquid Bottle
                                                                          REF Code      Product
                                                                         211.0001.002     Alpha-Bond  6ml
                                                                         211.0201.002     Alpha-Bond  Activator 3ml
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