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                                  ALPHA-SEAL®                           ALPHA-PRO®
                                  LIGHT CURE RESIN-BASED PIT & FISSURE   PROPHYLAXIS PASTE
                                  Alpha-Seal® is a light cure, resin-based Pit & Fissure   Alpha-Pro®  is a blend of polishing and cleaning agents
                                  Sealant with fluoride.  This sealant contains 50%  containing Sodium Fluoride.  This splatter-free formula
                                   radiopaque nano-sized fillers.  The hard setting, wear   rinses easily and completely.  Medium grit is recommended
                                  resistant material has an ideal flowable viscosity for   for normal cleaning, polishing, and plaque removal.  Coarse
                                  maximum coverage and protection to seal the pits and  grit is recommended for extra heavy stain, including tobacco
                                  fissures of teeth susceptible to caries.  The syringe   and heavy plaque deposits.  Also available without added
                                  needle tips allow for quick and accurate placement of   color pigments, flavor and fluoride for patients who may be
                                  the material.  Alpha-Seal® is available in an Opaque   allergic to additives.  It is a medium grit paste ideal prior
                                  shade to allow for easy identification during patient   to composite bonding, sealants, and orthodontic bracket
                                  examinations and in a Clear shade for patients who   applications.
                                  wish to have an “invisible” sealant.

                                  TECHNICAL DATA
                                                                          Jar of 200 Individual Unit-Dose 2g Cups  12 oz. (340g) Jar Prophy Paste  100g Jar Prophy Paste
                                                                          REF Code      Product  REF Code      Product  REF Code      Product
                                  Compressive Strength  265 MPa           560.1301.002    No Added Color/ Flavor/ Fluoride  560.0203.002    Medium Mint
                                  Depth of Cure      5.0/30sec.           560.0204.002    Medium Mint  560.0202.002    Medium Mint  560.1203.002    Coarse Mint
                                                                                                560.1202.002    Coarse Mint
                                                                          560.1204.002    Coarse Mint  560.0302.002    Medium Cherry  560.0303.002    Medium Cherry
                                                                          560.0304.002    Medium Cherry  560.0602.002    Coarse Cherry  560.0603.002    Coarse Cherry
                                                                          560.0604.002    Coarse Cherry
                                                                         ALPHA-PRO® KIDS PACK
                                                                         PROPHYLAXIS PASTE
                                   REF Code       Product
                                   401.0009.002     Alpha-Seal  Opaque (White) Kit  Alpha-Pro®  Kids Pack is a blend of gentle polishing and
                                   401.0010.002     Alpha-Seal  Clear Kit  cleaning agents containing Sodium Fluoride.  This
                                                                        splatter-free formula rinses easily and completely.  A
                                   Kit Contains:                        blend of fine and medium grits ideal for children.  Our
                                    3 x 1.5g Alpha-Seal  Syringes       combo pack contains 50 of each of the following yummy
                                    10 Dispensing Tips                  flavors.
                                     1 x 4g Alpha-Etch37  Syringe
                                     10 Dispensing Tips
                                     20 Disposable Brushes              Four fantastic flavors:
                                                                            Sweet Cotton Candy
                                                                            Chocorific Chocolate
                                   Refills                                  Watermelon Wonder
                                   REF Code            Product              Berry-licious
                                   401.0103.002     1.5g Syringe with 3 tips-Opaque (White)
                                   401.0303.002     1.5g Syringe with 3 tips-Clear
                                                                           REF Code      Product
                                                                           560.0000.002    Alpha-Pro® Kids Pack

                                                                           Kit Contains:
                                                                            200 Unit Dose Cups
                                                                            200 Fun Stickers
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