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                                   ALPHA-PRO® APF                       ALPHA-PRO® WHITE VARNISH
                                   TOPICAL GEL                           5% NaF FLUORIDE VARNISH
                                   Alpha-Pro® APF is a 60 second treatment containing   Alpha-Pro®  White Varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride.
                                   Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride.  Alpha-Pro® APF    It is used in the treatment of dentinal and post-operative
                                   delivers 1.23% Fluoride Ion to tooth enamel. Topical   sensitivity.  Alpha-Pro® White Varnish when applied
                                   application of APF gel is indicated in the prevention   practically becomes invisible, unlike traditional
                                   of dental caries.                    varnishes that cause unsightly yellow coloring of
                                                                        the teeth.  Alpha-Pro® White Varnish sets immediately
                                                                        on contact with saliva, leaving a smooth, thin layer.

                                   Alpha-Pro® APF                         Alpha-Pro® White Varnish

                                                                          REF Code      Product
                                   REF Code      Product
                                   009.4201.002    Alpha-Pro® APF Strawberry - 17.5oz (497g)  407.0501.002    Alpha-Pro® White Varnish - Bubble Gum
                                   009.4301.002    Alpha-Pro® APF Vanilla Orange - 17.5oz (497g)  407.0601.002    Alpha-Pro® White Varnish - Melon
                                                                          407.0701.002    Alpha-Pro® White Varnish - Strawberry

                                                                          Kit Contains:
                                                                           50 Unit Dose Cups - 0.5 ml each
                                                                           50 Fun Stickers

                                                                           50 Brushes
                                                                           Cup Holder

                                  TOPICAL ANESTHETIC

                                  Alpha-Caine®  is a 20% benzocaine topical anesthetic gel                                     ®
                                                                               ALPHA-PRO  WHITE
                                  used to provide fast, temporary relief to patient’s with   VARNISH
                                  minor mouth irritations, ulcers, wounds, or for relieving
                                  pain prior to injection.                     Virtually Disappears.
                                                                              The Difference is Clear!
                                  Four fantastic flavors:
                                      Strawberry                                      ®
                                      Mint                                    ALPHA-PRO  White Varnish
                                      Bubble Gum
                                                                                      Competing Brand 1
                                                                                      Competing Brand 2
                                    REF Code      Product
                                    029.0101.002    Alpha-Caine® Strawberry - 1oz (30g)
                                    029.0201.002    Alpha-Caine® Mint - 1oz (30g)
                                                                                      Competing Brand 3
                                    029.0301.002    Alpha-Caine® Cherry - 1oz (30g)
                                    029.0401.002    Alpha-Caine® Bubble Gum - 1oz (30g)

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