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                                  ALPHA-DENT  SELF CURE                 ALPHA-CORE  LC
                                  COMPOSITE                             LIGHT CURE RESIN BASED COMPOSITE
                                  SELF CURE HYBRID COMPOSITE            FOR CORE BUILD UPS
                                  This self cure resin based composite contains  Alpha-Core® LC is a highly filled radiopaque light cure
                                  63% by volume of a blend of radiopaque fillers.  composite having 5 mm average depth of cure designed
                                  With its ideal mechanical properties exhibiting high  specifically for core build-ups and cementations of posts
                                  compressive strength and low water sorption, it has  and pins.  The material exhibits ideal mechanical
                                  become a best seller in its category.  Available in  properties with high compressive and tensile strength
                                  one universal shade that blends well to the existing  yet maintaining a dentin like feel when cutting. Available
                                  tooth structure yielding an esthetically pleasing restoration.  in a unique color changing shade that is blue initially and
                                                                        turns pink when cured and then back to blue in 3 to 7 days.

                                  TECHNICAL DATA                        TECHNICAL DATA
                                  Compressive Strength  210 MPa         Compressive Strength  225 MPa
                                  Flexural Strength  100 Mpa            Flexural Strength  95 Mpa
                                  Diametral Strength  42 MPa            Diametral Strength  47 MPa
                                                                          REF Code       Product
                                                                          121.0101.002     Alpha-Core  LC
                                                                           1 x 4.5g Alpha-Core  LC Syringe
                                                                        ALPHA-GLAZE® SURFACE SEALANT
      Self  Cure Composite                                              LIGHT CURE SURFACE SEALANT
      Standard Kit Contains: Catalyst Paste . Base Paste . Spatulas .   REF Code        Product
      Mixing . Pads                                                     Alpha-Glaze® Surface Sealant is a fluoride containing light cure
                                   110.0206.001 1.5g Catalyst Paste
      Standard Kit with Bonding Contains: Catalyst Paste . Base Paste .  110.0205.001 3g Catalyst Paste  unfilled resin with low viscosity to be used as a finishing
      Bonding Resin . Etchant . Spatulas . Mixing  Pads  110.0204.001 5g Catalyst Paste  sealant for composites and resin cements.  It is formulated
                                   110.0203.001 7g Catalyst Paste
      REF Code       Product                                            to penetrate and seal the micro-cracks and surface
                                   110.0202.001 14g Catalyst Paste
      110.0000.001 14g/14g Standard Kit  110.0201.001 28g Catalyst Paste  imperfections that are created by the finishing procedures.
      110.0002.001 14g/14g Kit with Bonding System                      It can also be used to treat the enamel surface prior to applying
      110.0003.001 14g/14g Kit with Bonding System (Etch Gel)  REF Code        Product
      110.0004.001 28g/28g Standard Kit  110.0106.001 1.5g Base Paste   Orthodontic Appliances.
      110.0006.001 28g/28g Kit with Bonding System  110.0105.001 3g Base Paste
      110.0007.001 28g/28g Kit with Bonding System (Etch Gel)  110.0104.001 5g Base Paste
      110.0008.001 7g/7g Standard Kit  110.0103.001 7g Base Paste
      110.0009.001 7g/7g Kit with Bonding System  110.0102.001 14g Base Paste
      110.0010.001 5g/5g Standard Kit  110.0101.001 28g Base Paste        REF Code      Product
      110.0011.001 5g/5g Kit with Bonding System
      110.0012.001 3g/3g Standard Kit                                     403.0101.002    7 ml Surface Sealant with Fluoride
      110.0013.001 3g/3g Kit with Bonding System
      110.0020.001 1.5g/1.5g Standard Kit
      110.0021.001 1.5g/1.5g Kit with Bonding System
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