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     POLICY                                                              PRODUCTS

         We maintain a toll-free phone, 24 hour fax service, and e-mail service for our  ALPHA-FLOW®                  4
         customers’ convenience.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday  ALPHA II®AP                       5
         8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. CST.  We may also be accessed on the worldwide web.  The  ALPHA-DENT® LIGHT CURE COMPOSITE  6 & 7
         site contains our catalog as well as technical data and product updates.  ALPHA-DENT® SELF CURE COMPOSITE    8
                                                                            ALPHA-CORE® LC                            9
         Phone: 1.847.677.5500 International                                ALPHA-GLAZE® SURFACE SEALANT              9
         Toll Free: 1.800.835.0885 [US/Canada]                              ALPHA-CORE® DC                            10
         Fax: 1.847.677.5502                                                ALPHA-CORE® SC                            11
         E-mail:                                       PREVENTIVES
         Website:                                       ALPHA-SEAL®                                12
                                                                           ALPHA-PRO®                                 13
                                                                           ALPHA-PRO® KIDS PACK                       13
                                                                           ALPHA-PRO® APF                             14
         ORDERING INFORMATION                                              ALPHA-CAINE® TOPICAL ANESTHETIC            14
                                                                           ALPHA-PRO® WHITE VARNISH
         Until credit is established, all orders must be prepaid.  We accept American Express,  ALPHA-DENT® LIGHT CURE PIT & FISSURE  16
         MasterCard, Visa, Check or C.O.D.  (Additional $5.00 charge will be applied to  ALPHA-DENT® SELF CURE PIT & FISSURE  16
         all C.O.D. orders).  We require a minimum order of $50.00(USD).  Expedited shipping  ALPHA-DENT® HOME CARE FLUORIDE GEL  17
         is available for an additional charge.
                                                                           ALPHA-ETCH 37®                             18
                                                                           ALPHA-BOND® SE                             19
         RETURN POLICY                                                     ALPHA-BOND®                                19
                                                                           ALPHA-DENT® LIGHT CURE BONDING ADHESIVE   20
         If you are not completely satisfied with any product, please call us at 1.800.835.0885  ALPHA-DENT® SELF CURE BONDING ADHESIVE  20
         within 30 days from the date of receipt for a return authorization number.  To ensure  ALPHA-DENT® CAVITY VARNISH  21
         proper credits, please return the product in its entirety along with the return authorization  PROVISIONALS
         number and a written reason for the return.  We have a 30-day return policy from the date
         of receipt.  Any item returned after 30 days will be subject to a restocking fee.  ALPHA-EASE®               22
                                                                           ALPHA-CAL®                                 24
                                                                           ALPHA-CEM® DC                              24
                                                                           ALPHA-TCEM™ NE                             25
         WARRANTY POLICY                                                   ALPHA-DENT® ZINC PHOSPHATE CEMENT          25
                                                                           ALPHA-DENT® POLYCARBOXYLATE CEMENT         25
         Dental Technologies, Inc. Recognizes it’s responsibility to replace products if proven  ALPHA-DENT® GLASS IONOMER CEMENT
         defective.  Dental Technologies, Inc. does not accept liability for any damages or
         loss, either direct or consequential, stemming from the use or inability to use the  ORTHODONTICS
         products as described.  Before using, it is the responsibility of the user to determine  ALPHA-DENT® ONE-STEP BRACKET ADHESIVE  26
         suitability of the product for its intended use.  The user assumes all risk and liability  ALPHA-DENT® PASTE & PASTE BRACKET ADHESIVE  26
                                                                           ALPHA-DENT® LIGHT CURE BRACKET ADHESIVE
         in connection herewith.                                                                                      27
                                                                           ALPHA-DENT® LIGHT CURE BAND CEMENT         27
                                                                           ALPHA-PRO®                                 28
                                                                           ALPHA-GLAZE® SURFACE SEALANT               29
         Follow us on                                                      ALPHA-DENT® CONDITIONERS                   30
                                                                           ALPHA-DENT® ALGINATE IMPRESSION MATERIAL   31
                      DentalTechInc                                        ALPHA-DENT® TRAY ADHESIVE                  31
                      AlphaProVarnish                                      ALPHA-DENT® ALGINATE FLAVORINGS            31
                      Anti-Terge                                            ACCESSORIES
                                                                            ANTI-TERGE®                               32
                                                                            ALPHA-DENT® ORANGE SOLVENT                32
                                                                            SYRINGE TIP APPLICATORS                   33
                                                                            BRUSHES                                   34
                                                                            SPATULAS                                  34
     2                                                                      MIXING PADS                               35         3
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