To provide quality services to our customers in a unique environment. To work with a customer-oriented, professional and friendly team with high communication power. To provide the best service to our customers who aim for excellence with quality product understanding.



To be professional in the production and export fields in the dental sector. To have a worldwide awareness. To capture the special interest standards of each customer.




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Balkan Dental, which has been established international trade since 1991, operates in the dental sector with a large product portfolio and experienced staff. Since the establishment of our company, various dental materials have been imported from the leading companies of the sectors in many countries such as America, England, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Pakistan. The aim of Balkan Dental is to transfer all the scientific and technological developments in the world, which is increasingly globalized, to the dental sector and to meet the basic requirements of the sector. Our company is headquartered in Ankara and we serve all dentists and dental technicians in Turkey.